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We are a Manchester-based SEO agency, focused our clients ROI (Return on Investment) and trusted by some of the worlds leading company. Here you can also know how we can increase your organic visibility because we focus on the transparency of our working process.

We also give importance to our client’s point of view, because they know better about their business. Our team of professional always follow the rules of Google without any black hat SEO. Our SEO Agency in Manchester has a couple of SEO experts, which work to give satisfactory result to customers as per their money spend.

We feel that mostly SEO appear more complicated; it looks like the service which is full of countless technical jargon and acronyms. That seems tried at making anyone other than SEO professionals feel stupid and as though they need help with it.

But don’t work with it; our approach is different. We work to educate anyone, we work with in regards to the fundamentals of optimization, as we have learnt that when clients genuinely understand what we are doing.

Manchester SEO Services


Keyword Research

We do our best keyword research for your website SEO strategy. That your potential customers search on Google, the Best Keywords for your website can often tackle for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or general marketing.


Link Building

As our clients utilize specialists in high-quality blogger, we provide link building services. It is like the white brand capacity or with our in-house teams who need extra assistance. That will help you to boost your presence on the internet.


Technical SEO

Our technical SEO team offer you a variety of different SEO audits to suit your requirements. Whether you want a short overview, a detailed SEO audit or an unbiased expert audit to use as part of a legal case, we can offer a solution.


Local SEO

Local SEO strategies will help you to become more visible in search engines within your local area, or for different individual office locations. Local SEO is a service for brands/companies who wish to optimize their website for site-based search terms.


On-page SEO

Our On-Page SEO Services ensure that your website is 100% optimized because we know that without right On-Page Optimization. That increase your website’s chances of ranking well on Google and dull; it is a very crucial part in terms of overall SEO strategy.


Off-page SEO

Our specialist team find out which off-page SEO techniques are essential for creating a powerful search. Make marketing a part of your SEO strategy by creating quality content for our SEO activities. Creating and marketing content is fundamental to off-site SEO services, and nobody does it better than The SEO Channel.

Why Choose TSC As Your Manchester SEO Company?

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The SEO Channel provides the best SEO Services and the longevity (every trace of your site does not disappear if discontinued, as with paid advertising). Our SEO services help you to get organic traffic on your website.

It is always possible to increase online visibility further, no matter how long you have been doing SEO. We use these things like targeting bigger, adding additional sections, and higher search volume keywords to your website, or improving upon existing on-page optimization work.

We continuously analyze, test and research the new and cutting edge SEO techniques. And applying for our client’s site to do SEO best practice in innovative ways. That will be helpful for your website to get the most satisfactory result. We, as a Manchester SEO Service provider, try to meet our clients business, need to get the most satisfactory result.